This week in Better Call Saul: June 12-18

Better Call Saul’s third season will conclude tonight with the season finale episode Lantern. If the wait feels more like an eternity than the ten hours it actually is, perhaps we can help. More accurately, perhaps our articles from the past week can help to pass the time. With Better Call Saul’s season ending, I’d like to say thank you to everyone for reading over the last few months. Thanks!

Episode 309 – Fall

– Planning to watch last week’s episode in the next few hours to refresh for the finale? Make sure to check out our recap and analysis of the episode.

– Ratings for Fall disappointingly didn’t rise after a down week, but rather stayed pat. However, we prognosticate a big jump following tonight’s episode.

Our weekly odds and ends included a look inside Fall, as well as some Q&As with Patrick Fabian and Laura Fraser.

Victor (Jeremiah Butsui) and Gustavo “Gus” Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) Arturo (Vincent Fuentes) Hector “Tio” Salamanca (Mark Margolis) and Nacho Varga (Michael Mando) in Episode 9 Photo by Michele K. Short/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Episode 310 – Lantern

– The trailer for Lantern doesn’t spoil too much of the episode’s plot. This wasn’t a surprise considering that the finale is sure to include some surprises.

– The sneak peek for the episode features a face off between Hector Salamanca and Nacho’s father. The scene left us anxious to see how it concludes tonight.

– Like the trailer, teaser pictures for tonight’s episode weren’t particularly helpful in revealing plot points. Still, we did our best to guess their context.

– Yesterday, we discussed three things that we’re looking forward to from Better Call Saul’s season three finale.

Chuck McGill (Michael McKean) in Episode 10 Photo by Michele K. Short/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

All the rest

– In what we assume to be the second-to-last employee training video, Gus Fring discusses his policies on conflict management.

– Last season, a hidden message was discovered in the Better Call Saul episode titles. We spent some time wondering if that’s the case this year. Our conclusion: probably not.

– Through quotes and clues, we theorize that Chuck McGill may be in for a bumpy episode tonight.

– Lastly, after the finale, stay tuned for Chris Hardwick’s Talking Saul. Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando and Co-Creator Peter Gould are scheduled to guest.

Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) in Episode 9 Photo by Michele K. Short/Sony Pictures Television/AMC