Relive Better Call Saul season three with the most talked about scenes

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Throughout the season, AMC has published Better Call Saul’s most “talked about scenes” on their YouTube channel. We look back on the major moments that have passed.

With Better Call Saul’s third season in the books, we’ve decided to take a brief look the season’s most influential moments. We do so with the help of AMC’s YouTube channel which has made a weekly routine of posting each episode’s “talked about scene.” While these don’t serve to tell the season’s story, it’s still a nice refresher. Especially when you remember there’s no new episode next week, or the next 40 weeks.

Episode 301 – Mabel

The final scene of the season’s first episode features a turning of the tables. Specifically, after finding a tracking device on his car, Mike crafts a plan to track the culprit.

Episode 302 – Witness

Season two’s finale saw Chuck coerce and secretly record a confession from Jimmy. In Witness Jimmy finds out and heads to his brother’s house for a rage-filled confrontation.

Episode 303 – Sunk Costs

After his trail goes dead at Los Pollos Hermanos, Mike is lured into a meeting by the man whose been watching him, Gus Fring. This scene is the first time that the Breaking Bad partners are face-to-face.

Episode 304 – Sabrosito

After a flashback reveals Hector’s jealousy of Gus, we see how it manifests in present day. Despite Hector’s show of power, we see that Gus is ALWAYS one step ahead.

Episode 305 – Chicanery

Chuck’s meltdown at the bar hearing had fans and critics talking about it for days. If Michael McKean gets an Emmy Nomination, expect his reel to lead with this.

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