Relive Better Call Saul season three with the most talked about scenes

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Episode 306 – Off Brand

For 25.9 episodes, fans wondered when Jimmy McGill would become the titular character Saul Goodman. The final scene of Off Brand revealed that Saul’s began as an advertising salesman rather than a lawyer.

Episode 307 – Expenses

Expenses featured the return of Better Call Saul fan-favorite Daniel Wormald, AKA the squat cobbler. It also featured the first, and last, meeting between Mike and Nacho in season three.

Episode 308 – Slip

With family and personal health on the line, Nacho took it upon himself to get rid of Hector. This intense scene from Slip shows the execution of his plan.

Episode 309 – Fall

Between his obsession with ruining Jimmy, his meltdown at the bar hearing and costing HHM hundreds of thousands to insure, Howard wants Chuck to retire from HHM. Chuck’s response? To sue the company that he helped to build.

Episode 310 Lantern

First, we see that Nacho’s plan from Slip is successful. After a heart attack/stroke, Hector’s medication (which Nacho replaced with Ibuprofen) fails to work. We also see that Gus is aware of Nacho’s role in the incident. Will he look to recruit Nacho? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait 10+ months to find out.

Justifiably, the Better Call Saul season finale warrants two “talked about scenes.” This second one, the final scene of the season, shows the mental toll that this season’s events have taken on Chuck.

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