VIDEO: Better Call Saul minisode features the return of the Kettlemans

Better Call Saul and Acura bring us a Better Call Saul minisode where we revisit characters that we haven’t seen since season one, the Kettlemans!

Still lamenting over the conclusion of Better Call Saul’s third season? Well, we’ve got a salve for you! Better Call Saul, with the help of Acura, has released a short film entitled No Picnic. 

The scene depicts the aftermath of one of the first season’s major plot lines. Specifically, what’s going on with the Kettlemans! For those who don’t remember, Craig Kettleman, at the behest of his wife Betsy, embezzled over a million dollars. The first season of Better Call Saul featured Jimmy fighting with HHM for the Kettlemans’ patronage. Eventually, Kim was able to secure a deal in which Craig Kettleman would serve a reduced sentence. Now, after not seeing them for two years, we get an update on the whole Kettleman family.

The scene

If you can remember back to season one, the Kettlemans were avid fans of hiking and camping. In fact, when Jimmy warned them that they were in danger, they went into hiding by camping out in the desert. Here we see Betsy and the Kettleman children taking part in their favorite familial activity, except they’ve opted to do so on the side of a highway. When a van full of convicts pulls up, we learn why they’ve chosen this location. It’s so they can spend some time with Craig Kettleman as he cleans up trash from the side of the highway. Well, they can at least watch him and show their support. They also voice their support by singing B-I-N-G-O, in season one we learned that Craig was a big fan of family singalongs.

Craig Kettleman (Jeremy Shamos) and Betsy Kettleman (Julie Ann Emery) in Episode 105 Photo by Ursula Coyote/AMC

It’s a sweet scene which was much-needed after the depressing end to Better Call Saul’s third season. Though I doubt they’ll appear on the show again, it was great to see Julie Ann Emery and Jeremy Shamos reprise their season one roles.

You can currently catch Emery starring in another AMC series, Preacher and Shamos in The Big Sick, which is currently in theaters.